If a Player, Club, or Official receives a Misconduct Charge, they can appeal to Gloucestershire FA within 14 days of the charge being issued.

Please see the guidance notes below on how to respond to a Misconduct Charge on the Whole Game System 


A Player, Club, or Official can plead guilty or not guilty, and can request a Personal hearing (the player will attend in person to give evidence or mitigation) or Non-Personal Hearing (will be dealt with in your absence using written submissions).

If a Player, Club, or Official is not happy with the decision made by the Berks & Bucks FA's Discipline Commission, they must lodge their intention to appeal to The FA within three days, and submit full written reasons within 14 days, of the results letter.  

There is an appeal fee for an appeal hearing of £100 for clubs/players at steps 5-7, and £50 for clubs/players outside the national league system (including youth football)

If a Player receives a Misconduct Charge and it is found proven, suspension is from all football.

Please refer to the Discipline Handbook for further details.