If disciplinary cases are not acknowledged or paid within the required time frames, clubs can incur a 25% late fee.  This must be paid within fourteen days, and the original case acknowledged/paid, or the player and club could face further suspensions.

If you believe that a late fee has been issued in error, please contact the County office immediately. You will be asked to complete a form documenting why you believe an error has been made. The County FA will then determine whether there has been an error in the fee being raised and act accordingly.

If you only become aware of the late fee as a sine die suspension is about to commence, we recommend you pay the full amount immediately and contact the County FA to request a refund, should an error have been made.

Clubs should be aware of which players receive cautions or standard charges, and aware of the cost of these offences. Therefore non-receipt of notifications is not an excuse for non-payment.

For more information please see our Football Services Guide to Red & Yellow Cards