At the end of a season, any outstanding match-based suspension is automatically carried through to the beginning of the following season. They are therefore eligible to play in pre-season friendlies and the suspension re-starts when the team the suspension was picked up for play their first qualifying fixture of the new season. Day-based suspensions continue throughout the off-season.

If a player moves to a new day of football and is suspended for a red card, they are eligible to continue playing on the new day of football.

Where a player moves to a new club at the same level of football, playing on the same day, the suspension is transferred to the new club and the County FA need to be informed of the change.

Where a youth player moves within youth football to a new age group, playing on the same day, the suspension is transferred to the new age group.

If a player moves from from non-Step football to Step Football (and vice versa), or to a new day of the week, there is no impact on red card suspensions. 

For misconduct suspensions there are two options:

1. The FA can approve for the suspension to move to the new level of football.

2. The suspension is served based on matches the previous club play. For a match-based misconduct suspension, this means that the player is eligible to play for their new team until such time as the team they were reported for start their season, at which point the suspension is applied to all football. 

For more information please see our Football Services Guide to Red & Yellow Cards and Football Services Guide to Suspensions