Any party found guilty of a misconduct charge heard by the County FA can appeal the decision to The Football Association.

Intention to appeal must be lodged in writing to the Football Association by e-mail to within seven days of the decision.

Full written reasons must then be lodged, along with a £100 (Steps 5 - 7) or £50 (Non-NLS/Youth) appeal fee within fourteen days of the decision.  Submissions after this time will not be considered. Should the appeal be unsuccessful, the appeal fee may be retained by The FA. Further costs may also be awarded against the unsuccessful party.

The written reasons must state on which of the following four grounds the appeal is being lodged:

That the body whose decision is appealed against…

1. failed to give the appellant a fair hearing; and/or

2. misinterpreted or failed to comply with the rules or regulations relevant to its decision; and/or

3. came to a decision to which no reasonable such body could have come; and/or

4. imposed a penalty, award, order or sanction that was excessive.

For more information please see our Football Services Guide to Misconduct (FA) Appeals