There are three key stages to a disciplinary hearing:

 1. Questioning of County FA witnesses. The County FA will invite those witnesses who provided statements in support of the charge to attend the hearing. The Participant charged and the Commission will have the opportunity to ask them questions regarding their statement; however the witness cannot ask questions of the Participant charged.

2. Questioning of defence witnesses. After the County FA witnesses have been questioned, the Participant charged puts forward their own statement denying the charge and the Commission can ask them questions. Once this has been completed the Participant charged can call witnesses in support of their defence. Both the Participant charged and the Commission will have the opportunity to ask questions of each defence witness.

3. Deliberation. After all witnesses have entered their evidence, the Participant charged has a final opportunity to sum up their defence before the commission deliberates on whether they believe the charge is proven or not proven. The Commission has to be satisfied that that the charge is proven on the balance of probability - ie that it is more likely than not that the incident occurred.

Please note that the Disciplinary Commission is entitled to adopt whatever procedures they deem appropriate to ensure the hearing is considered in an appropriate and fair manner.

If there are under 18s attending a disciplinary hearing, additional procedures will be in place in the interest of Child Safeguarding.  Please refer to our Football Services Guide to Young People in Disciplinary Hearings for more information.

When multiple misconduct charges are raised relating to the same incident, all cases must be heard by the same commission in one “consolidated” hearing.  Please refer to our Football Services Guide to Consolidated Hearings for more information.