A County FA will raise disciplinary charges for incidents of misconduct which occur outside of on-field disciplinary procedures, or where an on-field incident meets certain criteria. Charges can be raised against players, club officials, match officials or against clubs themselves for failing to ensure their players and/or officials and/or spectators conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

The club secretary will be notified when a charge has been raised. The case papers and case file are available for download from the Whole Game System.  It is the club secretary’s responsibility to ensure the player is notified of the charge and confirm how they wish to respond.

The player/club charged must confirm if they accept or deny the charge and if they wish the case to be dealt with by correspondence or they wish to attend a personal hearing. There is a fee for personal hearings (£50 at Step 5-7, £30 at Non-NLS/Youth), which will be returned if the case is found not proven.

For more information, please see our Football Services Guides to Misconduct Charges