A County FA will raise a charge under FA Rule E20 if they believe the Club has failed to ensure that its players, officials or spectators have "conducted themselves in an orderly manner."  

Charges will automatically be raised under FA Rule E20 when:

1. Any Team within the Club reaches 75 disciplinary points;

2. The Club has four or more proven incidents of violent conduct across all teams;  (This includes: Red cards or misconduct charges for violent conduct, misconduct charges for assault and misconduct charges for physical contact on a match official)

3. The Club has two proven misconduct charges across all teams relating to the abandonment of games;

4. The Club has two or more charges found proven against any of its players for aggravated breaches of FA regulations.

Please note that the same offence can count towards multiple E20 charges. 

For more information, please refer to our Football Services Guide to Misconduct Charges, Continuing Misconduct Charges and Aggravated Misconduct Charges.