An “aggravated” breach of FA Regulations is when an individual or Club has been found proven of committing an act of misconduct which is “aggravated”  by including reference to one of the following protected characteristics:

  • Ethnic Origin
  • Race
  • Colour
  • Nationality
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender or gender reassignment
  • Disability

A charge can be for direct or implicit reference to one of these characteristics.

There are two aspects to an aggravated charge which need to be responded to:
1. Improper Conduct (including foul and abusive language)
2. Improper Conduct (aggravated by reference to a person’s Ethnic Origin, Colour, Race, Nationality, Faith, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Disability.

Each charge is considered separately, and the player/club charged can:
1. Accept both charges;
2. Deny both charges;
3. Accept the first charge and deny the second; i.e admit that they made an offensive remark against an opponent, but deny that the comment included reference to the protected characteristic.

For more information please see our Football Services Guide to Aggravated Charges