Clubs are not able to create new teams once the affiliation has been approved. If you would like to add a new team, please send the following information to and a member of the Football Services team will create the new team for you.  An additional invoice will be created for the new team affiliation, and the team will become live in the Whole Game System within 24 hours of the invoice being paid.


Age Group
(U5 - Veterans)

(e.g. Reds, Kites, Spartans, Reserves)


(5v5 - 11v11)

League and Division

(Name and FAN if known)

(Name and FAN if known)

Day of the week
(The day the league plays on)

Home ground

County Cup Entry (Y/N)

Please note it is the Club’s responsibility to ensure that the new team is covered under your Personal Accident policy.