Clubs and leagues can ask the County Football Association to assist them in reclaiming money from their members.  

In order for the County FA to take action, the debts must arise directly from football activity (e.g discipline fines, match fees, pitch hire, repairs to property).  It does not include fund raising activities, club subscriptions or physical property (e.g. kits).

If you would like to take Debt Recovery Action against a Club/Player, there are strict time lines in place.  The County must be notified within 112 days of the debt being incurred and when payment has not been received within 28 of a formal request.

The following information must be sent to the county:
1. A full list of the debts being chased, including the dates incurred
2. Copies of formal written demands for payment (text messages are not sufficient)
3. Full name, date of birth, last known address and FAN number of the player/s
4. £25 refundable admin fee per action (charged to the debtor and repaid when all debts collected)

The County will confirm that the debt is valid and issue a formal request for payment. Payment must be made (to the county) within 21 days or the player will be suspended from all football activities until payment is made. The County will then refund all fees to the club.

Where a league requests action over fees owed by a whole club, or where the County launches action on its own behalf against a whole club, the debt is divided equally against all registered players for that club.  Individual players are only responsible for paying their share of the debt and once this has been received their debt is considered cleared. Any suspensions are then lifted against them.

Further information is available for download below, along with template invoices to players and for notifying the County FA.