What is the role of a CLUB WELFARE OFFICER (CWO)?

  • This is the person within the Football Club with the primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children and for having in place procedures to safeguard children in the Club
  • The CWO ensures everyone knows their name and how to contact them 
  • They refer any child protection concerns or poor practice to the County Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO)
  • They carry out and enforce DBS checks in a timely way to ensure those Volunteers (example, Coaches) working with children are compliant
  • They support the Club with the implementation of the FA Safeguarding Children Policy

Including: Recruiting Volunteers, Social Media use, Guidance on Travel, Trips and Tournaments.

  • They keep up to date with Safeguarding through the FA Online courses and attend a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) annual session organised by the County DSO


 How do I become a CLUB WELFARE OFFICER (CWO)?

  • Requirements: (1) an FA DBS check (2) attendance at the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, 3 hour course (3) attendance at the FA Welfare Officers Workshop (WOW), 3 hour course (4) complete the free FA Online Safeguarding for Committee Members course

See booking and access details on our website; www.berks-bucksfa.com and further Safeguarding guidance can be found on our Safeguarding pages