Clubs are able to purchase the minimum level of personal accident insurance through the County FA. This equates to the Intermediate coverage for Adult Teams and Superior Gold coverage for Youth Teams under Bluefin Sports and the National Game Insurance Scheme. 

In order to purchase a higher level of insurance (e.g Superior 120 and above for Adults, or Superior Platinum for Youth) you must still purchase the minimum level of insurance from the County FA and then contact Bluefin to arrange the upgrade. Think of it like a "bolt on" to your mobile phone contract - you still need the basic plan in place for you to add the extra coverage to.

If you only intended to purchase the minimum level of insurance from Bluefin, you must purchase this through the County FA through the affiliation process and contact Bluefin separately to cancel the upgrade.

Please find attached the 2021-22 season's Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance documents and policy wording.

How to make a claim

Claims against the Personal Accident insurance purchased through the County FA affiliation process are still submitted directly to Bluefin. 

A copy of the form is attached and you can find out more information on the Claims process on the Bluefin website.


If you have any problems or require more information, please contact us at