Changing Key Club Officials

If the person you wish to change is in a key role (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer), then the system won't let you remove them without adding a new individual to the role.

To add a new official to the role, please go to Whole Game System and log in. Once logged in, please go to the 'Club Officials' tab on the left hand side. Once here, in the top right hand corner, you will see an option to 'add official'. 

Here you can add the individual by: 

- Searching by FAN if you know their FA Number & date of birth

- Search by details if know their first name, surname & date of birth

- Create New Contact (if have searched and don't exist, you can then create a new contact using the individual's details).

Removing Club Official

If the individual you are wanting to remove isn't in a key role, then you can remove them by going to the club officials tab (shown above). Then click on the edit button to the right of their name and role and put in the role end date.

Request for County FA to change Club Officials on Club's Behalf:

If you are having trouble updating this yourself. Please contact us at with the following information and we will do this for you. 

  • Name of Club
  • Person you want to remove (full name, date of birth, FAN, role they are in)

If this is a key role, please also let us know the following details for the person who is replacing them: 

  • Full Name, DOB, FAN, Email Address


If you have any problems or require more information, please contact us at