It's a journey that never ends. And one that is shaped by experiences and learning opportunities gathered anywhere, anytime.

Following on from the success over the last 12 months of the Online Coaching Programme, we have launched the BBFA Coaches Network our new Coach Development Programme (CDP).

The BBFA Coaches Network provides opportunities for coaches to access a variety of topics in both a virtual and face-to-face setting with workshops and sessions being delivered by The FA Regional Coach Development Team and our much-valued workforce of local deliverers.

After attending sessions and workshops you will also have access to via our Community Group to resources including sessions plans and to also network with us a County FA and other coaches from across the region giving you the opportunity to share best practices and ideas.


Becoming a member of the BBFA Coaches Network is easy, and, by joining, you'll receive access to 5 face-to-face coaching sessions at a venue near you at no additional cost, as well as a host of other benefits, including:

BBFA Coaches Network Membership Includes:

  • A minimum of 5 local face-to-face workshops at a venue local to you throughout the season
  • A variety of Topics including Games based Coaching, Fundamental Workshop & Introduction to Goalkeeping workshops
  • Exclusive access to Community Group to access resources and session plans
  • Opportunities to network with other local coaches in the County
  • All workshops will be FA approved unless stated, with Development Hours added to your FAN record
  • Exclusive access to the 2021 Bitesize Coaches Conference with Pete Sturgess & Emmerson Boyce

There are two memberships options available, one for individual coaches and one for clubs, more details are below.

For more information please visit our webpage: https://www.berks-bucksfa.com/coaches/development-and-courses/bbfa-coaches-network